What kind of environment is most comfortable for students?

The environment plays a significant role in education. The environment is an important factor to the study. The all students are depended to the environment. He class room environment, school environment, home environment are more influencing on the students education. A good environment is necessary for the studying student. The different study shows the importance of the environment and how much it is influencing to the student. All peoples are likes a good environment. To making environment is not at all simple for making; it is developed by taking effort on many years. The environment is closely relating the students study. To learning with a good atmosphere is more necessary for a student. To learn with a good atmosphere is give the confidents for students to study, the all students will feel a relaxation, and they are getting good air, refreshing the mind.

The home environment and school environment are the important places for the students. The school environment is more influencing the students. The all students are engaged with our environment. Today the environment is misused more. To cutting the trees, throwing the plastics and burning of plastics, use of pesticides and large use of electronics devices are some of the example for environmental problem. Now we are facing a big defect on the environment. The environment is essential to the living things. Without environment there is no living thing into the earth. Today all teachers and parents are teaching the importance of environment. The students are also involving the environmental activities, by planting, cleaning and following the environmental rules. The cutting tree is the major problem for environment. All are teaching their child to the environmental rules and it's important. Today all schools celebrating the environmental day and conducting different programs, like planting, conducting the environmental related quiz, drama, etc and giving a plant to the all students for planning to home.

A good environment makes a good atmosphere to the student. All students are likes good atmosphere for study. The good atmosphere makes more interest to the students for studying. They are feeling very happy and comfortable. The students are enjoying very much to their school life. The health is more important to the students. The good environment makes a good mental health to the student. Especially the color green is more comfortable to the eye. They are feeling a pleasant atmosphere. At the study time the environment is more influencing the student. To making the good atmosphere is the role of teachers and parents.

There are many methods are possible to the protection of the environment. First one is use the reusable bags; that is today all are using the plastic bags, It very danger to the environment and it is polluting our environment. The burning of plastic is polluting the air, at the burning time producing large amount of carbon dioxide, it is very ganger to the human body. So give the instruction to the students for using the reusable bag and restrict the plastic bags in to the campus

The second method is reusable; that is makes an awareness to the students for reusable things. The all students are using the ball pen for the study; it makes a great pollution to the environment by throwing the pen. So all parents and teachers gives support for using the ink pen. Another problem is the use of note book; that is most of the students is throwing the note books on the completion of the academic year or the semester. It also makes the pollution. So all are give instruction to students for the reusability of the remaining pages of the note book.

Next method is, save water and electricity; water is precious so don't waste the water. Most of the students are wasting the water on different ways. By cleaning the bicycle, or used for playing. So the parents and teachers teach the importance of water. Also the wasting electricity is a major problem. The students are wasting the electricity on different ways, by switch on the TV, computer, fan and bulbs continuously.

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