Main skills that a best student should have?

This is an important topic today, because all parents are thinking how we prepare students to be successful in their future. It is a very serious topic. Students are first assessed the lower level thinking skills like memorizing and testing. The simple question answers and correcting questions , multiple choice questions are important part of the valuation. So the major solution of this problem is that changing the education style. The result of a good education is, all students are smart and good. Character is an important term for building good skills in to the student. Character is classified into two type performance character and moral character.

Moral education is seen as a necessity for the current generation to have a solid foundation of values and ethics especially in the light of globalization and the effect of media and technologies on their personalities. Character education can be very useful; as leaning different values and morals such as honesty, respect, responsibility and self-discipline can be effective in enhancing students’ abilities to focus on themselves and make the right decision as they relate what they learn at school with their own real life situations. Character education has a positive influence not only on students’ characters, but also on their academic performance. Various studies proved that there is a correlation between character education and good academic performance.

The word performance means the outcome like grades, achievements, awards, etc. but performance character comprises of those characteristics expected to follow our own best. Moral character respects the interests of others, with the goal that we don't damage moral values.

The life skill based education is more important. Life skill help student’s to make correct decisions, develop coping and communicating effectively and self management skills may help student’s to lead a healthy and productive life. The life skill based education can:

Some of the most often skills are:

These are some of the more important skills for the student. All students are learning a set of our information’s. The life skill based education is more important in student’s life. So supporting the students education it helps students become smart and help students become good.

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