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Build A Perfect Concrete Garage Floor Slab by Concrete Contractors Seattle WA

You want to build a better concrete garage floor slab, and you need ideas about it. The concrete contractors Seattle WA can help you a lot in this case. You will not have to worry at all. Everyone plans a lot regarding the concrete garage slab.

Ideas To Build a Perfect Concrete Garage Floor Slab

You want to complete a particular work, but you have no ideas. It will create a lot of questions and problems too. Perhaps you will hand over the project to the professionals. But it will add some advantages if you can collect some ideas about the work in advance. Some things you have to keep in mind before building a concrete garage floor slab are:

Invest Sometimes for Research 

To work with concrete, everyone needs some basic ideas about it. You may do this research in your spare time. First, you must learn about things which are more important to you. But when it is about your home remodeling, you should be careful. Maybe you will not handle it. Still, you should have the ideas to understand the work procedure. As a result, you will be able to know whether the contractors are working in the right way or not.

Not every contractor has the experience to work correctly. Besides, you may also ask about your project to the contractors. It will make them understand that you already know something about their work. The answer you will receive from them will assure you about the contractors’ work quality. Concrete slabs may have some common issues, like lousy slabs.

Not all the slabs will have a crack on them. Some quality concrete slabs can hold a lot of weight in your garage. Whether it is summer or winter, they can always support you the best. Even though there are some concrete records, it is still okay after service for more than 50 years and more. Even if your concrete faces a major or minor crack, you can repair them. But you should know the differences between a good and average concrete slab. The differences are:

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Level Of the Floor 

Earlier, there were rules to build the house four inches higher than the garage. Thus, the carbon monoxide, gasoline vapor, and spilled gasoline do not get a chance to enter the house. But now, the rules are not the same. Because the new cars don’t have any problems with leaking fuel. As a result, you can pour the concrete slab of your house and garage simultaneously. But still, some contractors may suggest you build your garage according to the old code. It will be more costly than the level slab.

You may ask the contractors if they want to build your garage lower than 4 inches than the house. Besides, you may ask about the validation of their logic. Maybe it is present in the regional building code. But there are no rules in the International Residential Code which can be an ideal model for the local people and state code.

Preparing The Ground 

You can park anything with any weight in your garage, But the big problem comes from somewhere else. It is from the ground, and perhaps you don’t know about it. Suppose there is a chance that the ground or base under the slab moves or shifts; it may create a crack on the slab. First, remove the soil and check whether the earth has ever moved from its place. If it is not, you have to dig it 4 inches. Later you have to add their stone or gravel. The stone, gravel, and soil are compacted to strengthen the structure.

Vapor Barrier

Vapor barriers are thick plastic sheets. They are placed under the concrete not to let the water move through the concrete. However, it is not always necessary. But still, adding it will make your foundation one step stronger. Besides, vapor barriers make the concrete dry slowly. It makes the durability of the concrete more lengthy than slowly drying concrete. In addition, vapor barriers are not too expensive. So, you should go for one.

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Perfect Mixture

The minimum thickness of a concrete slab should be four inches. You may also keep it thicker than that because there will be heavy vehicles and equipment. According to the building code, the mixture of concrete has several requirements in different areas. Usually, the standard mix is called the “compressive strength.” It will boil down if you mix water in it. When the water is more in the mixture, it is easier to pour.

But too much water will create a weak slab. So, the contractors can use the plasticizers with the mixture to flow it quickly without making the concrete vulnerable. But for the cold area, it will be different. You have to add air-entraining agents with your concrete mixture. Thus, the possibility of damage will be less through the cold weather. Besides, you can also use fiber reinforcement. The fiber mix will create a firm slab for your garage with it.


People have been using rebar, thick reinforcement bars, or wire mesh for many days as ingredients for the concrete slabs. But if you have a proper concrete mixture and enough expansion joints, you will not need it. Still, some experts add it to the concrete mixes. You have to use it in the middle position of the slab, not in the base. It will be anchored in your ground properly to stay at the same place when you pour concrete in it.

Expansion Joints

Throughout the years, the weather has changed many times. As a result of the change, woods can expand and shrink because of the humidity and temperature difference. It is not different from the concretes. So, you should add expansion joints at the edges of the concrete garage floor or other places on the slab. The flexible material people use as the expansion joint can soak up any expansion. In this way, your tension will be gone too.

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Finishing and Curing

After pouring the concrete, it is time to make the upper part of the concrete smooth and level. You may cut the expansion grooves, which will make it crack resistant. Now you should leave the new slab alone. Concrete does not necessarily dry out. With the help of a chemical, you will get a firm and dry slab. Your contractors use a chemical spray over the slab and cover it with sheets to decrease the evaporation. You should always keep the surface wet till finishing the cure. Besides, you can spray some water daily on your slab to make the cure perfect.

Final Words

The concrete contractors Seattle WA will know everything about your concrete garage slab floor. But you can learn a little about it too. Hope by now you have got enough idea about it. Now you will be able to ask your contractors relevant questions and their process of building your garage floor with concrete.